Add a Quote or Other Saying

Add a Quote or Other Saying

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Choose this option if you would like to include a famous or not so famous quote to your Tumbler or any other saying of your choice.  Quote or saying to fit on 1 side of the Tumbler.  This can be added to the the Special Instructions for Seller Section located in your Shopping Cart or provided to Audrey when she creates your Tumbler.  Be sure to include color, font type or other characteristic you would like.  There is an upcharge of $7.00 for this feature.

How did you hear about us?  Let us know in the Special Instructions for Seller Section.  If you were referred by a friend or colleague, be sure to add them to the Special Instructions for Seller Section including their contact information as incentives are available for referring new customers.  Refer to our Referral Program.

**Picture is a sample of this option.**

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