About Audrey Kay's Kreations

Within every person lies the heart of an artist.     Author – Joseph Beuys

My life experiences had not taken me into the art world, but through the encouragement of a friend, I started working with acrylic pouring and resin.  The more I worked in this medium the more I started to enjoy the creative process.  By studying other artists online, I branched into acrylic fluid art using various techniques applied to a variety of surfaces.  My goal is creating one-of-a-kind tumblers customized to each customer.  I take a customer’s sometimes vague vision of what they want and bring that vision to light.  I love to experiment and think outside the box as I come up with personalized designs.  Being able to thrill the customer with a product that is exactly what they want is supremely satisfying.  My focus and my desire is to provide a product that is not only functional but a work of art.